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Programming languages
RTOS-UH 93 KB Real time operating system
PEARL 109 KB Real time programming language
CREST-C 58 KB ANSI-C with real time extensions
RT-DEBUG 352 KB Debugger
CoDeSys 571 KB IEC 61131-3 Soft PLC
RT-LINK 54 KB The easy way to the binary image
RT-LAN 77 KB Networking with RTOS-UH
Hardware platforms
Platform 57 KB e.g. VMEbus-Boards, Compact-PCI, etc.
UCT 103 KB Mini control unit with grafic display
MOCAN-DK 76 KB Networkable CAN control unit (Ethernet/Arcnet)
MOCOBV3 196 KB Single board CAN controller
MOCAN-x 229 KB OEM PLC with CAN and Ethernet
IES 242 KB Pulse counting systems
NBS300 118 KB 3-Axis motor control
IF555-3 395 KB Interface board for the CORE-563 / phyCORE MPC555
Core-563 363 KB Processor modul for IF555-3 with PowerPC MPC563
CAN-I/O 137 KB Input/output for the CAN-Bus
CANIO-xxx 147 KB Analog and digital I/O-Modules
CAN-DI48 319 KB 48 digital Inputs for the CAN-Bus
CAN-MIO 144 KB Rugged process-interfaces with CAN-Bus
CAN-DISP 141 KB Grafical operation panel for the CAN-Bus
Protocol couplers
PK 80 KB Family of protocol couplers
PK-DP 200 KB Profibus-DP Slave <-> serial interface
DGPS 116 KB Serial interface converter
MOCS5200 126 KB Fast computing system with PowerPC MPC5200 / 400 MHz
PBETH 280 KB Network and field bus master
MOCS 152 KB Modular controller system
PBus 1,1 MB Analog/digital I/O, interfaces, HMI, etc.
Limes 639 KB Energy pulse measurement