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Features of CANopen®

CANopen® is a communication protocol running on the CAN bus that enables the manufacturer-independent integration of I/O modules, encoders, inverters, etc. The data link layer is defined in ISO 11898-1. Further information can be found here.
In contrast to other protocols, which are strictly master/slave oriented, CANopen® implements a producer/consumer concept. Various communication objects are available for this purpose:

Appropriate device profiles are available for different devices. For example CiA 401 for generic I/O modules.
An overview of the different profiles can be found here. To each CANopen® Slave Device belongs an EDS file, in which the properties of the Slave are described.

Special features of the CANopen® master for RTOS-UH

A library is available with the help of which a CANopen® master can easily be implemented. The library is multitasking fixed, i.e. the library functions can be called by different tasks. Likewise, several masters can work simultaneously on several CAN channels. Each master can manage up to 32 slaves. One asynchronous SDO channel is available for each slave. NodeGuarding and HeartBeat are performed by the master.


The CAN-I/O modules distributed by us are available with a CANopen® slave firmware.